Friday, May 13, 2011

Rerun - ABOP Franken

SOURCE: Previously worn franken I made with Orly colors
COMMENTS: I was in New York City this week and had to pack light as I prefer not checking any luggage in - especially since they charge for it. That meant whatever polish I took had to fit in the one allowed bag of liquids. I took two frankens I like that are in mini bottles, my topcoat, and a Sally Hansen nail art pen in gold. So this mani is without base coat or cleanup.  And, because I already was playing with other colors on my left hand when I returned last night, my right hand will have to do.


  1. Love the franken :) Also, tagged you with a blog award thingy and a cup of tea over at Konad Abuse (links in the profile).

  2. This is a stunning Franken. You have such a good eye for colour

  3. Wow! I love muted colours like this one and it looks so nice with the gold dots. *Like*!

  4. I am in love with this - both color and design!


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