Friday, April 29, 2011

Kleancolor - TLC

TOPCOAT?: In most photos, yes
SOURCE: Beauty supply in downtown Los Angeles
COMMENTS: Is there such a thing as a neon pastel? I felt like this color fit that description (and quite a few people commented on it), but I like it.  I got the new Bundlemonster plates and decided to be brave and try some stamping. Alas, my stamped pattern in white was too subtle, so I tried outlining it with a white polish. Nice up close, but the stamped pattern still wasn't visible from afar. Ah well...

up close - before topcoat:

Nyx Girls - Dark Beige

APPLICATION: Smooth, like most of the cremes from this brand so far.
TOPCOAT?: Yes, after adding dots
SOURCE: Local beauty/hair supply store. Also available in downtown LA.
COMMENTS: I was looking for a quick and easy mani and my eye settled on this bottle. The bottle makes the color look like it has more yellow in it, but this turned out to be an amazing milk-chocolatey brown. Not the color I expected (I wanted one of those ugly-awesome colors), but still beautiful.
The dots were added with a Kiss Nail art pen.

And with a tiny bit of the chaos of my nail area in the background (and no, I still haven't worn that Misa):

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My second water marble!

COMMENTS: I used three other Nabi colors for marbling over my previous mani.  It didn't turn out perfectly, but I'm really happy with it.  Honestly, this took me so long that I considered leaving my right hand with just the base color. I'm glad I persevered because I actually kept this on for three full days!

Right hand:

 Three days later, with 1 coat of Kleancolor Madly Matte:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nabi - Angel Blue, China Glaze - Secret Peri-Wink-Le

COATS: 1 of the Nabi, 2 of the China Glaze
TOPCOAT?: See below
SOURCE: I purchased a dozen of the new formula (and bottle) Nabis downtown for $7. The China Glaze was $3 on sale on the Sally Beauty Supply web site.
COMMENTS: I saw the new Nabis two Fridays ago in downtown LA and had to try them! They boast a thicker formula, which meant just one coat of color for this mani. I realized this color looked just like another recent purchase though - so decided to wear both. The China Glaze needed two coats, but dries shinier than the Nabi.

No topcoat - Left to Right:
China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le | Nabi Angel Blue | China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le | Nabi Angel Blue

With topcoat:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monthly Mani-Fest February 2011

The last of these for now - another month of manicures from the past - details:  February 2011 posts

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Monthly Mani-Fest January 2011

Another month of manicures from the past - details:  January 2011 posts