Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nyx Girls - Dark Grey and more dots!

COATS: 2, but could have gotten away with 1 thick coat.
TOPCOAT?: Yes, after nail art dried.
SOURCE: Local beauty supply store
COMMENTS: When I first got my dotting tool, I searched google images for inspiration and came upon this site: This particular mani is inspired by this image, which they actually have in three different color ways. I'm including a screen shot of the image below as well for those who don't want to click the link..
Another favorite mani is born! I'll need to work on my size differences a bit, but it definitely helps to have 10 different sizes to work with in my dotting tool set.

My inspiration - yah, I basically copied the pattern!

Used Nyx Girls - Perfect Gray and FingerPaints - Paper Mache for the dots:


  1. The application of your dots could not be any more perfect. What is your favorite dotting tool?

  2. @faerieberry: My favorite tool(s) is/ the dotting set shown in this post, which I purchased in downtown LA. I've also seen a similar set at the supply place in SG that I mentioned to you on MUA mail :)

  3. How did you keep your hand so perfectly steady??
    That is utterly amazing!!!

    I've got a dotting tool, but to even begin to master that I'd have to take my nails off of my hands.


    Too fabulous!!!

  4. I love this manicure! But my favorite is the one in the marble blue one you posted before :) it is amazing!

  5. That's wild, Lady. You must have tons of patience to do such a perfectly neat job. Until I read the description I thought it was a Konad kind of thing. Awesome!

  6. You have such great ideas, ánd you manage to get them perfect on your nails as well! That's one awesome mani right there!

  7. Fabulous!!!! Very classy and charming. I love your dots manis.

  8. Thanks for all your comments, I really appreciate the encouraging feedback!

    @Paillette: How do I keep my hand steady? I don't! That's why I'm bad at drawing lines! I only have to keep steady for the moment when the tool touches my nail so I find it much easier - even on my non-dominant hand. I can take my time to aim, and then fire! You can do it too!

    @MK: I do sometimes wish it was Konad, but I'm not so good at that right now, and my nails are too large for the patterns I like the most. I comfort myself by saying at least I have more flexibility with patterns this way :)

  9. Dots is your thing, girl! Beautiful... :)

  10. Love!!! I recently got a set of dotting tools but I'm having trouble. My dots never flatten out. Do I need to work on wet polish?

  11. @April:
    Hi April!
    No, you shouldn't have to work on wet polish, you can add the dots at any time. They will definitely add texture to your surface though. What I do, however, is I always come back after my dots are dried (or mostly dried) and put on a nice thick coat of topcoat. That helps the two layers look more like one and provides a smoother surface.

    Here's an example of my dots before topcoat:
    This photo
    And then with topcoat:
    This photo

    Also, if your dots are turning out too lumpy, try using a smaller size dotting head and actually touching the tool to the nail's surface when you dot. This should spread out the dot to a slightly larger diameter with less of a 3-dimensional bump.

    Let me know if this helps! If not I may have to do a photo tutorial or something.

    Have a great day!


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