Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Introducing my work space

I met PenelopePitstopKYD at a nail supply store in an area of town where I used to live. It was so exciting to find someone else who frequented the nail boards on MakeUpAlley. She was so friendly and pointed out some fabulous colors and brands to me. (She also totally made me want the KleanColor jelly holos - even though I'm supposed to be done with buying nail polish!)
Anyway, we found out we both use the same kind of storage for our polish supplies, and I saw a photo of her gorgeous setup.  Here is a photo of mine. Our master bedroom includes the sink area of the bathroom, so that's where I do my nails. It's handy because there is water nearby and I don't have to worry about spilling acetone or nail polish on the ceramic tiles. Here it is from two different angles.


  1. that is exactly what i was thinking!

  2. I sit - on a wooden stool (halfway between chair and bar stool height) - I didn't capture that in the pic. This really is bad for my back though as I'm hunched over when I do my nails.

  3. PenelopePitstopKYD is awesome! I'm closing my ears..."done buying nailpolish" Lol! Love your setup :)

  4. Cool. I never even thought to sit at my bathroom sink to do my nails. Seems so obvious but I am always doing them everywhere else.

  5. Awesome!
    I do my nails in the bathroom when I'm at my Grand-moms.
    But at home I do them by the window sill.
    Or sometimes outside!


  6. Hey ABOP! Yay, I get to see your set-up... I never thought to put it on my counter top - great idea! It was so nice meeting you, too. Hope we bump into each other again (lol). Smooches!

  7. @rmcandlelight: - Yes, she's an absolute sweetie! We were like kids in a candy store. She totally made my day!

    @Anh: I'd love to do my nails outside! However, our patio isn't screened, and since I usually do my nails at night, the light would just attract bugs =(

    @PenelopePitstopKYD: Like rmcandlelight said, you're awesome!

  8. hey! thanks for your comment on my post :) i love your set up! i wish i had enough room to do something like this! it's great that you have a sink right next to you!!
    i just wanted to add that i looked at your polish collection spreadsheet - OMG!!! your storage container must be very full!!!!

  9. @Smita,
    Yes, in fact they are - I keep my polishes in the white drawers you see on top of the counter in my pictures AS WELL AS in 4 of the drawers of the actual sink vanity.

    I've definitely gotten to the point where I'm slowing down on the spending, almost 800 bottles - that's a little ridiculous!

  10. haha wow 800 bottles.. ! ahh i've seen other bloggers with a toon more! i have a lot but not that MUCH. and most are cheappy brands. maybe buy a polish a week/ 2 dollar polish. being a student and all.. i have splurged on nice ones once in a while.. lol.

    nice bathroom set up! I do mine on my bed.. hsven't spilled anything yet.. i put the polishes in a plastic container

  11. lovely work space, and I am very interested in seeing the whole collection of nail polishes,it must be amazing=)


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