Friday, May 6, 2011

Monthly Mani-Fest April 2011

Another month has passed. Here's a look back at all my manicures last month.
To see the individual posts for the month, click here: April 2011


  1. Wow, so many of them are awesome, my favorite is the simple red with white dots, very "bikini-esque" :P

  2. I love your monthly mani-fest! It's a feast for the eyes :) You have such amazing designs!

  3. I LOVE that you review your month. Such beautiful manis and to be able to see them 2x in new posts - I can't believe how gorgeous they all are. My favs of last month: water marble, light green kleancolor w/lace, the butterflies, the olive green w/geo designs and the lovely purple flowers that "I think" are transfers. AWESOME!

  4. Hi,
    I live in Brazil, and love ur nail designs...
    A friend of mine is going to USA (MIAMI), and i would like to know where i can buy o.p.i polish collections there.

    Could u help me? my e mail is


  5. @Andrea - please check your email...

  6. these mani's are soo stunning, and its great theyre all in one post all together so you can see them, loveeee them

  7. Love you monthly manis! I'm thinking about doing that once I start doing more nail art and less swatching. *thumbs up*


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