Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Golden Rose Holographic Minis

COATS: 2 of each
SOURCE: - part of my very first purchase from them, over a year ago.
COMMENTS: Some people who have these holographic minis have mentioned that theirs changed over time. Mine still look the same as they did when I got them. I've had to add thinner to almost all of them, but they remained the same color-wise. I like these because they still look decent indoors in indirect lighting.

Indoors - artificial lighting, first photo (just below this) is without topcoat:

This is how they look when they're in regular lighting - there is still a reasonable amount of color in the polish to keep it from  looking washed out like lots of other holos.

Outdoors, sunlight:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Golden Rose Corals - daylight

COMMENTS: I  promised in this post that I would swatch these and show them in day light. Here they are in full sun. Each is 2 coats with no topcoat.
They still look the same, except for Paris - 94, which I added for comparison (I have two others like this one that I will compare some other time) because it has a bit more of a pink tone to it.

Golden Rose Paris 94, Protein 326, Protein 245, Paris 95, Paris 87

The only visible difference between the 4 colors on my fingers (excluding thumb) is that the Golden Rose with Protein colors are more opaque than the Golden Rose Paris ones. The Golden Rose with Protein bottles contain a bit more nail polish (0.42 fl.oz / 12.5ml) than the Paris ones (0.37 fl. oz. / 11ml).

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Golden Rose Care + Strong - 172 - matte

COMMENTS: I applied my matte topcoat over the previous manicure on the second day.

It looked  like this before:

Matte, once again:

And just FYI - the color stained my nails. This is what they looked like after removal: 

It may not seem  bad, but keep in mind that at least half my nail is usually the lighter color that you see near the cuticles.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Golden Rose Care + Strong - 172

TOPCOAT?: After glitter
COMMENTS: This is one super pretty pink - and a breeze to apply too! Once I applied it, I knew I wanted to make it look like this awesome mani on the blog Canadian Nail Fanatic. I don't have the polish she used for the topcoat however, so I made do with two black glitter polishes I have. One from the halloween section in Walmart , and the second, Wet N Wild - Tangled in My Web, which I used recently in this post. I'm really loving black glitter!

One coat:

Two Coats:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Golden Rose - Corals - sort of

I'm going to have to swatch these again sometime - most of the photos don't reflect the true color!

APPLICATION: Smooth on all
TOPCOAT?: After stamping
SOURCE: Order from
COMMENTS: So, the colors on these turned out totally off (everything looks like orange!) on the camera under my OTT light. I decided to share them anyway, but please keep this in mind. The only photos that are color accurate are the ones taken in daylight by my phone, sorry. Anyway, here they are.

One coat of each - Thumb to pinky:
Paris - 94, Protein - 326, Protein - 245, Paris - 95, Paris - 87

Two coats:

The color on the thumb has more pink in it than the other colors.

(Messily) Stamped with Golden Rose with Protein - 261 and a pattern from Magnonails XL plate B

Below are photos taken in sunlight:

Yah, I'll have to do a quick swatch of these in daylight... ah well...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Golden Rose Paris - 85

APPLICATION: Troublesome, streaky.
TOPCOAT?: Not until after glitter
COMMENTS: Another beautiful one from Golden Rose. It was a challenge to apply, but the color is beautiful! I layered a recent acquisition, Wet N Wild - Tangled in My Web - black glitter over it, and love the results!

I want to put this glitter over every creme nail polish I own! What do you think - is this a good look, or a weird look?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Golden Rose with Protein - 257 and OPI - Ginger Bells

APPLICATION: Smooth on both
COATS: 2 of each, although both can be applied in 1 generous coat.
TOPCOAT?: Not until after stamping
SOURCE: Golden Rose from, OPI from local nail supply store
COMMENTS: This color has caught my eye quite a few times from the shelf where it sits, so I decided to start my slew of Golden rose manis with it. When I picked it up, however, I thought it looked familiar, so also grabbed OPI - Ginger Bells to wear with it since they looked so similar. Ginger Bells is just a hint darker than 257, but most people wouldn't notice the difference.
I absolutely love this color. It reminds me of caramel, clay, and Thai Iced tea all at the same time!

Here are the beauties - so shiny on their own!

Can you tell which is the Golden Rose and which is the OPI?

Stamped with the following:
L to R above: Cherimoya/Kleancolor - Mocha, Nabi - Metallic Dark Per, Nabi - Metallic Red Wine, Pure Ice - Magic
Stamp pattern from Magnonails XL plate B

Artificial lighting:
On the ring finger I used the Cherimoya -Mocha as the base and stamped with the Golden Rose - 257, so it's the reverse of the pinky.


Two other looks to consider - layered with one coat each of Jessie's Girl - Firefly and Barielle - Elle's Spell

Oh, and yes, I cut my nails this weekend. I'm liking the shorties again, they're so much fun!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Simply Sweet - jelly and glitter

COATS: 2 of jelly, 2 of glitter on its own. 1 of glitter over jelly.
TOPCOAT?: See below
SOURCE: TJ Maxx - each came in a separate set of 6
COMMENTS: Not much to say here - I felt like wearing a jelly-ish nail polish so grabbed one of these Simply Sweet ones since I have lots of them. I also grabbed a glitter that had a base that looked somewhat similar.
The base color of the glitter is barely visible on the nail, so I just used that as an accent and layered it over the color on the rest of my nails. This was a fun sparkly mani.

Two coats of each:

Glitter on all now:

After topcoat:

In sunlight the next day: