Monday, February 7, 2011

Golden Rose Swatches

COMMENTS: A few of you mentioned planning to purchase some of the polishes from this brand. There aren't a lot of swatches out yet, so I figured I'd do my bit of community service and swatch most of my collection. I swatched everything  but the smaller holos (sorry Enamel Girl, I did include photos though!)

Although disappointed that I ended up with so many frosty finish polishes, I can see how these could be stunning - when applied carefully they look like pearls!

All swatches are two coats without topcoat unless stated otherwise.

Golden Rose Paris:
Holographic - No. 113 worn in this post
No. 88 worn in this post

Golden Rose Paris No. 51:

Golden Rose Paris No. 37 (two coats on index and ring, three coats on middle and pinky):

Golden Rose With Protein:
No. 326 worn in this post

Golden Rose with Protein No. 213 (two coats on index and ring, three coats on middle and pinky) I like!:

Golden Rose with Protein No. 214 (two coats on index and ring, three coats on middle and pinky, not much difference) - I like this one too!:

Golden Rose with Protein No. 215:

Golden Rose with Protein No.  279
One coat at first - this would be a great sheer for a quick mani. It's gold-ish shimmer with specks of gold.

And 279 with two coats.

Golden Rose with Protein No.  309 - another one I liked, though it's certainly  not unique:

Golden Rose with Protein No. 325 (Compared to two coats of Paris - 88 on index, I like 325 more - one less coat but almost the same great jelly color, for less money!):

Golden Rose with Protein No. 327 (Compared to two coats of Fashion color - 52 on index. These are very similar, but you get much more for the same price from 327):

Golden Rose Fashion Color (minis)

Golden Rose Fashion Color No. 52 (used in previous comparison):

Golden Rose Holographic (minis)

The grey-ish ones are somewhat similar, so I used No. 108 to make frankens last year.

Golden Rose Holographic No. 102, 103, 107:

Golden Rose Holographic No. 119, 115, 114, 111:

Finally done swatching - some fun with the holos (119 and 115):

I may go back and swatch the holos, but I'm not making any promises!


  1. I like the holo tips and it is a good idea to swatch these lesser-known brands. Thanks. This is interesting.

  2. Great collection :)I <3 Golden Rose

  3. Thanks for the great swatches!!!

  4. I love Golden Rose, they have so many colors and some of them are really great. I probably have over 20 from different lines

  5. What a great post! Loved all the pics and your nails are rocking!

  6. I love the Holos ones! Very cool! I love finding out about new brands :D

  7. I love golden rose polish, it is such a shame they don't ship internationally!
    I have always been crazy about their holos!

  8. I have 88 and it's good for konadding on a light base!

  9. besides having fabulous polish, you have amazing beautiful nails!

    please check my blog

  10. how do you take care of your nails they look great, also where do u purchase these polishes from? I live in the U.S. and I certainly cannot find any....


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