Friday, July 30, 2010

Glitter Franken fail - but not quite!

COATS: 1 of tips, 1 then a 2nd of full nail bed
COMMENTS: I decided to post this before my red/orange glitter franken as I wasn't quite ready to wear the that yet. This started out as a glitter fail, and I'll chronicle the path with the pictures below. I really love this mani. I used this previous franken as the color for my tips since it went well with the new jelly. The pictures may be wack, but at times it looked like a gradient mani, and at other times like a mood polish. Have a look.

Below is my new jelly franken with it's "parent", a failed green/gold glitter franken. I started this franken using clear, and it was ugly. However, I harvested the liquid from the surface and put it in the little bottle.

As you can see, some of the glitter made it into the jelly liquid and now sits at the bottom of the bottle.

Here are the two frankens for the combo - my original opaque on the left, and the new jelly on the right.

I decided to use them for a funky french. Unfortunately I used seche base underneath, so its streaks showed through the one coat of jelly.

So I added a second coat.

The next day I added a fauxnad pattern with the tip color and put Cover Girl - City Lights on my ring finger.

A little over the top, but I think the fauxnad in the tip color would be great if my nail bed was clear.

UP NEXT: A real glitter franken :)


  1. Cute! Love That Glitter Polish

  2. I like the final result on the ring finger.

  3. The ring finger with slightly less glitter would be perfect.

  4. I don't like green nail polish in general so I'm not exactly that fond of this look.
    The green tip mani was very nice though.

  5. This is pretty cool, frankens are always so hard. And then what to do with them. I think the jelly would bee way cute with pink and/or lavender konad over top!

  6. This turned out very nice. It does look like a mood polish.

  7. This does look like a mood polish - I like it!

  8. Your jelly franken is a great green!

  9. Thanks for your comments!
    @ShortAndSweetNails - I like it too. I think it would be a nice look over the jelly alone.

    @jaljen - this was just with one coat of City Lights!

    @Anh - maybe try it with your favorite color? I plan to try this again sometime with another color.

    @AggiePigeon - I would never have thought to put those colors over a green jelly. Hmmm...

  10. I agree with you. I think I'd like it better with a clear nailbed, funky French style.
    I admire your creativity!

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  12. another lovely manicure, I like your blog and its name too.


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