Sunday, July 4, 2010

Confetti - Belle of the Ball - I must really like this color!

*I decided to cut my nails last night - I'm liking them shorter - for now :)

Application: A little bald on first coat, smooth on second.
Coats: 2 (of each color), with topcoat.
Source: CVS - $1.99
Comments: I say I must really like this color because as I was about to put it on, I realized I'd already purchased two polishes that were similar. The other colors are Zoya - Malia, which I just got, and Diamond Cosmetics - Pelican Peak Purple, which I absolutely love. I'm wearing all three. Blue line in the following pictures indicates which fingernail has which polish.

The Zoya has a bit more red in it, and the Diamond Cosmetics is super close, with just a teeny more white than Belle of the Ball. My fingers love them all!

And in early morning light from outdoors (more color accurate):

Later in the day - Bundle Monster stamp. First with LA Colors Color Craze - Live Wire, and Konad Silver.

Right hand stamped with Confetti - Purple Reigns (yes, it works for stamping too!)


  1. All three polishes are lovely, lilac is such a pretty colour.

  2. All so pretty and most certainly dupes. I just got Malia too. Which one applied better? Love the fauxnad stamps :D

  3. You are making me want this color! The photos all seem extremely close. And it is a plus to know they work for stamping.

    I'm curious too as to which applied best.

  4. i am really liking your shorter length!!!
    and these are my favorite kind of post, i don't have any of those, but I am leaning towards the pelican purple myself!

  5. The Zoya applied the best, followed by the Diamond Cosmetics. However, that's not to say that the Confetti polish was difficult to apply. It just had the "baldy" thing going on the first coat and then was nice on the second.

    Diamond would have been fine at one thick coat, but I used two for consistency, so that's the one I'll be grabbing when I'm in a rush.

  6. The PPP i got from your giveaway I love. But I'm a big Diamond fan. You really must like the colour. I love the Konad silvering too.

  7. Ohh I love such colors! Nice stamping too, I find it hard to get such designs straight, you did it very well! :)

  8. So these are dupes? Because I have been wanting Diamond's Pelican Peak purple but I already own Zoya Malia...

  9. The lilac color looks so pretty on you.


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