Friday, July 16, 2010

ABOP Franken - Dark Bronze Glitter (pic heavy!)

APPLICATION : Smooth, but had to apply carefully to minimize cleanup because of the glitter.
SOURCE : ABOP Franken using Wet n Wild Megalast - Starstruck and glitter from Joann sample pack.
COMMENTS : I love this franken! It's my favorite glitter franken so far, and I'm so glad I tried it! This Joann glitter pack is better than the other kind in that it keeps most of it's color in the polish - unlike this franken where the blue glitter ended up being mostly silver and the polish became blue jelly. The best thing about this is I didn't have to use a similar base color underneath, just my regular base coat.

Here is the glamour shot taken outdoors about 24 hours after the mani:

Looks holographic, doesn't it? It's not really though. First things first. Here is the glitter I used:

After first coat - a little frightening:

After second coat:

With topcoat:

Outdoors next day in sun:

Isn't it fabulous? I kept looking at my nails while I had this on. It's even hubby-approved! Of course, removal is as expected for glitter. I used the foil method for the first time, which made it quite painless - so no scrubbing, yaay!

UP NEXT: Avon - Tangtastic


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