Thursday, July 1, 2010

Franken - Blue Glitter

Application: Smooth
Coats: 1, followed by two of topcoat.
Source: ABOP franken
Comments: Unfortunately, the franken I made doesn't look the same as it did the day I made it.
Although the glitter remained suspended in the polish just fine, some of it's color leeched out, so it now looks like blue and silver glitter in a blue base. Not as pretty as two days ago (first pic), but still didn't put me off. The second photo shows how it looks today. I layered this over the blue polishes mentioned in my last two posts: Sally Girl - Mean Streak and Pure Ice - French Kiss

They looked pretty much the same once they had the glitter over them, so I didn't bother to show photos of my right hand.

Blingalingaling! I'm liking this. I have a few more of these creations waiting to be debuted - a burnt orange, a red, a red velvet(made with "velvet" glitter), a purple/magenta, a silver/green, and a white. The green was done in a clear base, so as you can see, it didn't stay suspended. I also have one complete fail that I need to show you (an attempt at yellow/gold in a clear base).


  1. That's a wow. I can't help but worry about when it has to come off!!!!

  2. looks so lush, really nice and dense

    I must get to some frankening.. need to hunt down some clears/glitters cheap!

  3. I think it turned out really pretty and sparkly. Did you find the DT glitters?

  4. @Jenni:
    I actually swatched this over my previous mani before removal to make sure it wouldn't be a bear to take off. Plus that is why I used two coats of base - so I could do only one of glitter.

    Don't hunt down clears for polish, try to find ones that already have something suspended in them - then your glitter doesn't all sink to the bottom and require shaking up each time. I was lucky with the bottles I found - light colored shimmer in suspension AND they had the little metal balls in them already so I didn't have to do much shaking.

    I haven't seen any glitter at my DT - I've heard (on MUA) that they're pretty good and don't bleed. Just making do with what I have right now. Maybe I'll make small batches in the future instead of a whole bottle - then use it before the color bleeds.

  5. looks great, love the stripes on the ring finger

  6. Nice franken. :) What's the velvet glitter? Looking forward to seeing you swatching that one too.

  7. I love that dark blue glitter! I am not always a huge glitter fan, but that looks amazing.


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