Sunday, July 11, 2010

Black Radiance - Risque

Application: Smooth
Coats: 2
Topcoat?: Yes
Source: Rite Aid. After this previous post, I realized it was suddenly hard to find Tropez nail polish. I lucked out and found them and Black Radiance polishes on clearance from 25 cents to $1.00. Haven't seen any in stores since then.
Comments: This is a great color with lots of depth. The gold sparkles give it a lot of life. I stamped later with LA Colors Color Craze - Live and an ABOP  franken - Japanese Eggplant (made using another Black Radiance polish).


  1. i love hello kitty!! soo cute!

  2. What a shine! I miss Black Radiance cosmetics.

  3. I love that color!! Yeah, I think Tropez is going out of business :(. I love the little Hello Kittys on your nails :) very cute!

  4. I love the HK stamp on this mani!

  5. So pretty! I love the hello kitty stamp!

  6. Very nice color, and it looks great on you!


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