Saturday, July 17, 2010

Avon - Tangtastic

SOURCE: Avon's online store (
COMMENTS: After loving this red from Elf, I decided to order another from Avon. Tangtastic arrived this week and is a bright red creme with a hint of orange. At the end of this mani, I felt like my nails were an advert for Target - so that tells you they were red.
Unfortunately after an hour in the pool and not moisturizing my hands soon enough afterwards, I got some peeling on two fingers (24 hrs later). To see if the Avon formula is the culprit, I will try another Avon polish and Nina Ultra Pro for the next mani. Loved this while it lasted though - and loving my dotting tools!

UP NEXT: Avon - Olive Green, Nina Ultra Pro - Salsa


  1. This is a gorgeous color on you! Such a bright, clear and summery color. Dotting tools are lots of fun! The little eyeballs are cute.

  2. I was thinking of ordering this polish I just may have to after see it on you. It is just lovely on you. Love the nail art.

  3. Love this color! I need to order some avon....


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