Sunday, July 18, 2010

Avon - Olive Green, Nina Ultra Pro - Salsa

APPLICATION: The Avon was thick but easy to control. Nina Ultra was smooth.
COATS: 1 of each. Since the Avon was thick and covered in one coat, I put the Nina Ultra Pro on thick enough for one-coat coverage.
SOURCE: and Sally Beauty Supply respectively.
COMMENTS: I'm pleased to announce that both of these colors lasted on my nails - including pool time - without any chips or peeling. I did use a different  base coat (Gelous) than the one I used with Tangtastic (Nailtek II), so that was probably what caused the peeling on my last Avon mani. It was fun wearing two different greens, and while I'm sure the colors would have held up for longer, I needed a change.

UP NEXT: Nina Ultra Pro - Sweet Nothings


  1. Awww so cute!!!! Looks like little turtles.

    I think that Avon is a dupe to RBL ONS. It's part of my giveaway ;)

  2. I've been teetering on the fences about these newer Avon polishes. How cute are your greenies!!!

  3. How cute is that! I like the left color most.

  4. I love Nina Ultra Pro Salsa - one of my favorite greens!

  5. Awww, cute! You and I share the same taste in nail art. <3


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