Saturday, July 3, 2010

Confetti - Happy Birthday!

Application: First Coat - streaky, Second was smooth
Coats: 2, which looks fine in real life, but when taking photos I realize it could have done with 3. I did use a topcoat.
Source: CVS
Comments: I'm loving this color, and love the name - purple is one of my fave colors, and my birthday was less than a month ago, so... I was a bit disappointed after the first coat, but the second put my fears at ease because the glitter/shimmer emerged then. Beautiful deep purple shimmer. I accented my thumb and ring finger with Confetti - Moonstruck.

With flash:

Indoors - morning light (camera shows more blue):

Supporting actor:


  1. i had ZERO desire to try any of the confetti's but now I think i will!

    AWESOME idea on the accent nails! i am not creative enough to come up with this stuff. hell, i am afraid of my dotting too.

  2. What a wonderful pairing of colors. I have the Moonstruck and blogged it. But the Happy Birthday will now be added to the list of must gets.

  3. I love this combo!

    I bought 2 Confettis yesterday I couldn't resist.:)

  4. Very pretty! I bought a couple Confetti polishes, and now I think I need to go get this one as well.

    By the way, I started a nail blog. Would love to have you follow, if you're interested. :-)

  5. you are a true nailr artist. and its weird i just noticed both of your blog names are about nail polish :)


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