Monday, June 7, 2010

What's ABOP wearing next?

I have so much nail polish - mostly unworn - and keep trying to think of a way to get through it in a pseudo-random fashion. I don't want to wear them by purchase date (I have "antiques" that I have no clue when I bought), and I don't want to wear them by brand or color group. So...
Remember when I randomly chose to wear color #77 from my spreadsheet? Well, I didn't actually choose the number 77 randomly, it's the year I was born. Either way, that turned into a great way to try out not just one, but three polishes.

So, moving on, I've decided my next round of polishes to wear will be rooted in all the items on my spreadsheet that have 77 in them (either item number or brand id number). I have indicated which these are in a new section of my sidebar. And of course I'll try to find similar colors to also knock out in the process. This should be fun!

For those using a reader who can't see the sidebar, the next polishes for me to try are:
  • 177 - Sinful Colors - Green Ocean
  • 277 - Maybelline - Turqoise Seas
  • 377 - Sally Hansen Lacquer shine MINI - No name - hot pink shimmer
  • 477 - Sally Hansen Salon - unknown - deep purple/burgundy
  • 523 (bcc577) - LA Colors Color Craze - Mega Watt
  • 577 - China Glaze - 2NITE


  1. Of my 50 untrieds I just rummage in my box and stop only when I feel something call to me.
    Or just wear something I know I like. Thus preserving the untried 50 for posterity.

  2. @jaljen
    Oh Jennie, if only I had just 50 to get through. Nope, I've got hundreds! I want to at least give each one a chance (on its own or layered)to shine. This way I make myself wear ones that my eyes would normally not gravitate towards.

  3. Well come on..........where are they? LOL.

  4. What a fun way to use your untried polishes. I typically try to put on something untried but sometimes I like going back to old faves.


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