Saturday, June 12, 2010

Maybelline - Turqoise Seas

Application: Smooth
Coats: Never enough
Source: I think Dollar Tree
Comments: This looked so pretty in the bottle, but what a waste. It left me feeling the same way I did after Nigeria lost to Argentina this morning. Frustrated and disgusted. I couldn't wait to take it off, it was that bad. Too sheer. I can't even guess at when I would have gotten to bottle color. There was visible nail line even after three coats - I don't usually mind this, but it annoyed me in this case.
I tried it alone, and when I saw how sheer it was, I decided to paint my remaining fingers in black, white, and pearly white as bases. This is shown in the first picture.

Next, one coat over the base colors, and a second on my ring finger.

Then two coats over the bases and pinky, and a third on the ring finger.

No more time to waste. I was done.
I'm not even sure what I'll do with this one. It's not even promising for frankening. Yuck.


  1. Next time try a nude polish as your base to cover your vnl before putting on sheers. Or just use it for layering :)

  2. I have one similar to this (but mine is greener) that looks good layered over blues, greens and sometimes yellow. It looked good in the bottle too. -JenB

  3. I would, but I'm too lazy to put on two coats of another color just so I can see this one - unless I find a one-coat nude polish (I'm sure there's one hiding in my untrieds!) I don't really like it layered over the other colors though.

  4. franken it.. man I hate sheers too lol

    As for the footy I feel your pain..england bombed it last night lol


  5. @ JenB - Thanks, maybe I'll try it over some other colors.

  6. I hate when a polish is great in the bottle and does not deliver on the nail..:(


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