Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine - no name hot pink shimmer mini

Application: Smooth
Coats: 2
Source: Ross - part of a five-pack of minis
Comments: This was a refreshing color to put on after this disappointment in my previous post. It applied smoothly, was a rich vibrant color, and had some shimmer. Still some visible nail line after two coats, but I don't mind this time. And they aren't exaggerating about the "lacquer shine" part of the name as you'll see. I used no topcoat at all.

Here is the bottle - a mini.

One coat of polish below

And now, two coats.


  1. I got one of those 5-pack of mini Lacquer Shines in January, I think. I'll have to go look for it, it looks very nice on you. -JenB

  2. Great shine, indeed. Looks good on your hand.

  3. it's a great color. Probably could use like 4 coats to get it completely opaque. Great color on you though! =]


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