Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jordana - Smoke

Application: Smooth.
Coats: 2

Source: Old stash. Can't remember when I got it.

Comments: This really would have been fine at one coat (as advertised on the bottle). Its name really is accurate. There is so much visual texture in this, yet the formula itself is thick but smooth.
Next two photos with flash.


  1. Even for an 'oldie' it still looks hot.

    I like the new background photo too. Is that bath salts?

    And here's another compliment... ;) seriously, your nails are looking incredible! A perfect manicure. Woot!

  2. i like the background AND the polish!

  3. Wow I really like this polish, I think it would look great on toes!

  4. I can't take any credit for the background - it's one of the pre-packaged blogger ones!

  5. This is so gorgeous!! I would love to see it matte.

    And I really like the change in decor!


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