Friday, June 11, 2010

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails - White Tip

Application: Smooth
Coats: 2
Source: Target
Comments: This is my favorite glossy white nail polish (and I just realized I don't even have it listed in my spreadsheet) Sally Hansen has a few polishes with similar names, which is why I specified this as the Hard as Nails line. This line is usually stashed at the bottom of the displays and often overlooked as it consists mainly of "safe" colors. This white is great though, and at about $2.50 or less, easy to stock up on. Two coats to smooth glossy perfection. It's the perfect canvas for nail art and the perfect white for frankening!


  1. Now see you are making me want this and i'll probably have a hard time finding it! It looks Hott! on you. Love it!!! :)

  2. That's a hot white, for sure. I love the total opaque-ness of it.

  3. I went to the first walgreens near the job and found it just like you said at the bottom of the shelf. It was 3 three of them and I grabbed one. Will try it out. If I like it I will hoard them. lol!! Oh, do I need help :)

  4. That white looks stunning on you! :)

  5. Wow, 2 coats, that is great. I have a Wet N Wild White and couldn't get it that nice with only 2 coats. Will have to check them out.


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