Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another great thing about simple frankens is...

When you make simple tints or shades of a color, you can easily use the original color as an accent! Here I used the original colors of my frankens (Diamond Cosmetics - Tranquility and Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue) and just added dots with a dotting tool. Yes, it's not anything special, but now you've got an automatic color match.

So next time you pull out that regular polish that also works for konad/fauxnad stamping, think of making a basic lighter or darker franken of it. Then stamp with the original color!


  1. Clever! I'm going to get out a box of older polishes and play chemistry with them.

  2. Very cute and a great ideal :)

  3. What dotting tool do you use. I have one but it isn't working so well.


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