Sunday, June 6, 2010

Two new unnamed frankens

Application: Streaky first coat, slightly better second coat.
Coats: 2
Source: Franken (mixes of existing polish)
Comments: I was feeling kind of bummed for not picking up FingerPaints Blissfully Blue when I first saw it at Sally Beauty Supply (available in stores only), and I haven't seen it since. To console myself, I figured I'd try frankening my own, and decided to do two versions since I was too lazy to actually look up a picture of the polish at the time. Application of the resulting polishes was much better when I swatched them on tips. It may be that the base coat I used made it more difficult on my actual nail. Anyway, here they are.

The family photo

I didn't bother keeping track of exact ratios. Just used a metal plate and large tips till I got the color I wanted, then created the color to match in my bottles and re-swatched to check.

With Flash


  1. Such gorgeous colors. NICE,

  2. OMG I love these a lot!!! For some reason they make me want cotton candy. :)

  3. Both of those frankens are pretty. Interesting how just a slight bit of a color gives it a whole different shade.

  4. Pretty. Are you going to come up with names?


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