Sunday, June 13, 2010

Comparison - SH Lacquer Shine unnamed mini

The hot pink shimmer from my last post reminded me of a few other colors in my stash. So I pulled out some Finger Paints. From L to R:
Mural, Mural on the Wall
Signed by the Artist
You Hue!

On my fingers, from L to R:
You Hue!, Signed by the Artist, Mural Mural on the Wall, the unnamed SH Lacquer Shine.
Mural Mural on the wall seems the closest. The others are quite different - especially in finish.

I then put the SH color on the comparison nail tips to have them next to each other

Yup, the first two are diff - they contain a golden shimmer. The third is close, but still not the same. Well, at least I was kept entertained.


  1. Those are all pretty. The first two look almost identical and I think they're my fave of the bunch. Thanks for the comparison.

  2. The first two look like dupes (me has them both-now I need to go check them out)

    Great comp and beautiful mani!!

  3. Oh I'm a sucker for comparisons! Love them!

    And I tagged you for the stylish blogger award. If you like tags then you can find more info on my blog. If you don't like tags then it's just my way of complimenting you on your fab blog.


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