Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love & Beauty - Light Yellow

Application: Ghastly! All due to the hideous brush.
Coats: 3
Source: Forever 21
Comments: My hubby stopped in the store to get a gift certificate for one of our nieces, and I noticed they had nail polish. I grabbed 5 and took them to the register, where he proceeded to remove two colors he didn't think would look good on me. No problem, he was paying for them! He picked this one for me to wear first. It's a beautiful yellow, but the brush made application a nightmare! Definitely needs 3 coats.


  1. too bad the application sucked cause this color is great. :-/

  2. Ohh I like that yellow! Very soft and pretty! My hubby doesn't let me buy all the polishes I want either lol ;P it keeps me in check

  3. Regardless of the application issues it lovely on you :)

  4. oh lucky.. hubby bought you a fun color!

    I love the little flowers. hehe

  5. It would be boring but the decals really lift it.
    It suits you a lot.


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