Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bottles for Frankening

Packs of these recently showed up at a Dollar Tree near me. I looked at the ingredient list and realized that they are water-based. I actually did try out the polish, and they're really bad. I hope no one ever makes the mistake of starting their foray into the world of nail polish with these! Anyway, I emptied them out (mostly in the trash, just in case), washed them with soap and water, let them dry completely, and now have bottles for my franken creations.

Edited to add:
Since the original polish in these bottles doesn't pour out easily, I inserted a drinking straw and blew into the bottles to push most of the polish out (did this in a bowl to contain splatter). Then it was pretty easy to finish up rinsing with water (still with straw as it helps to force air into the bottle)
Now if I could just find an easier way to get those stickers off... The first one was a pain. They're the perfect size though!


  1. Thanks for sharing will have to look for these. These bottles will be great for using the glitters from DT. So was it easy to clean the bottles out with soap and water? A product I use to remove stickers is called Goo Gone. You can find it at your local Walmart. Can't remember what section in the store it's located.

  2. awesome! im glad you posted this as i haven't spotted the bottles that i found in Canada in the U.S. yet

    This is gonna make alot of people happy

  3. I saw these sets the other day; had no idea they were water-based, thanks for the heads-up.

  4. I bought some of these for frankening. I thought they were adorable.


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