Saturday, May 8, 2010

Color Club - Twiggie

Application: Somewhat streaky first coat, smooth thereafter
Coats: 2
Source: Ross
Comments: I got the idea for the accent nails on this mani from this post by Polished Girl on her blog ( She was nice enough to tell me what polish was used for the green. Unfortunately, I don't have it, so I improvised with Twiggie. Mine's nowhere near as classy as hers, but it's a start!




  1. this is fabulous!! and ur freehand is very interesting

  2. I like the polish and the nailart but could you try it NOT over a French? I think It'd be more effective over a full nail.
    Like Twiggie too. I may try to copy this but my nailart is poor.

  3. Love twiggie...I have the dupe Rebel debutante. Love the free hand nail art and the way you placed it on the nail. I still haven't found HT!! :(


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