Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sation - 18K Gold and Sally Hansen - Dazzling

Application: Smooth.
Coats: 2 of 18K Gold, followed by 1 of Dazzling
Source: Either VictoriaNailSupply or TransDesign for the 18K Gold. Dazzling is an oldie from my stash.
Comments: BRING ON THE BLING! (it's about time too, right?) I love the old Sally Hansen glitters. They're small, dense and easy to apply. My favorite way to apply glitters is like I've done for this mani - first a similar base color, then one coat of the glitter. Easy application, easy removal. I'm loving having some bling on my nails after such a long time!


  1. So pretty and elegant...are you getting ready to go out to an elegant dinner. lol!! :)

    I am missing the sh dazzling didn't find this one at my DT :(

  2. I wish it was for an elegant dinner. Unfortunately my hubby thinks this looks "ghetto". Bah humbug, he doesn't know any better, lol! And I prefer it to the previous pink mani he chose.

  3. Ooh, lush. No, it's not "ghetto". It's more elegant and restrained than that.

  4. thanx i wish my nail polish xollection was like yours

  5. LOL at hubby, what does he know!! It is a great mani and does look like a mani for a holiday celebration or evening out.


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