Sunday, May 2, 2010

Aziza - Seduction

Application: Smooth
Coats: 3, really needs at least 4 as you'll see
Source: 99cents Only Stores
Comments: This brand seems to be a constant at the 99c only store. I decided to try their polishes out and am pleasantly surprised. Although I needed 3 coats - and it's still not opaque, I really like the color. Unfortunately my camera didn't capture the fact that it's more rosy-copper, not orange-copper. The polish also dried pretty quickly, so adding one more coat than usual wasn't as annoying as I expected.

Direct Sunlight
Below you see that it's still sheer.

Indirect sunlight


  1. Very pretty:) I wonder would it have been better if you used black polish as a base.

  2. I have never seen their polish and had forgotten about this brand. Ages ago I think I had a lipliner or something by them. Pretty color.


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