Friday, May 21, 2010

A break! Gah!

Someone in my vanpool asked me today how I keep my nails so long and such. I think she jinxed me! I was making up the bed in the guest room for my hubby's bro and his wife, banged my thumbnail against the wall, and got this. Sigh... Ah well, now it'll match my other thumb - which continuously splits vertically down the middle. Ugh.


  1. OH NO!!!!!!! Have you tried mending it? I read about some nail bloggers managing to fix breaks.

  2. Omg, that sucks. Breaks are the worst.
    I hope you can fix it!

  3. Silk-wraps and gel resin. (

  4. Oh noes! I hope it didn't hurt. I've seen posts of mending splits like this with nail glue and a tea bag. Probably very similar to ch3rryco1a's response of MySimpleLittlePleasures blogspot - which I also highly recommend. Good luck!


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