Monday, May 17, 2010

Cover Girl, Orly, and Finger Paints - Orange three ways

Application: Streaky on the Covergirl and Orly, although the Orly was a bit better. Smooth on the Finger Paints, though this was just tips, so not accurate.
Coats: 3 each of the two base colors. One of the tips.
Source: Cover Girl was from a drugstore, Orly from Victoria Nail Supply, Finger Paints from Sally Beauty Supply
Comments: I couldn't decide what to wear next, so I told myself I would wear bottle number 77 from my spreadsheet. That turned out to be Cover Girl - Candy Corn. I then decided to alternate it with something similar and found the other two colors in my swatched tips.
From Left to right:
Orly - Sol Cabana, Cover Girl - Candy Corn, Orly - Sol Cabana, Cover Girl - Candy Corn
Tips on all: Finger Paints - Tangerine Tint

The two base colors, Orly - Sol Cabana and Cover Girl - Candy Corn are very similar. Finger Paints - Tangerine Tint is darker. It's a bright mani that could have gone wrong. I'm glad I added the white, though now it really makes me want to eat candy corns!


  1. Very pretty. I have the covergirl in my untrieds and was wondering about how the application was going to be. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. This mani made my mouth salivate. I instantly thought of dreamsicles...LOL

    ♥ SailorWifey

  3. OOH! Creamsicle nails!! What a fun combo - great comps!! I don't have many oranges in my stash, but this makes me want to go get some!! Thanks!!

  4. So pretty! Love the orange on you. :)

  5. Cremey orange - awesome juicy-ness! They look great and I love that concept/design.

  6. Everyone is making me hungry with the comments. Very nice. You always have such fun manis. Keep them coming!!


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