Friday, December 17, 2010

OPI - Jade is the New Black

APPLICATION: Smooth, though my brush was a little wonky.
SOURCE: JCPenney Salon (with a coupon and their buy one get one half off sale, I got two bottles of np for under $4!)
COMMENTS: This is the color that helped me recover from my previous failed mani. Great color.


  1. A wonky brush from opi that's unusal. I think you can email opi and get another one. This is a beautiful color. Girl, looks like your nails have grown back already :)

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  3. i love love love this polish. it looks great on everyone! this and rumple's wigging are my go to polish because they always make me happy.

    and yes..i think a dotting tutorial would be awesome..if you have time..please =) with a cherry on top

  4. This is one of my favorite colors ever! And it doesn't surprise me that it looks great on you! You have lovely nails.

  5. I didn't comment on your previous post, but I think that that mani was not a fail. But I'm glad that this polish helped you recover. It truly is a beauty =), and it looks really good on you =).
    And again, your nails look stunning =)

  6. Just excellent! And where did you get the Penny's coupon? cuz that deal is absolutely awesome also!

  7. Thanks!
    @Lacquer Ware :JCP Cardholders get $10 off $10 or $15 off $15 coupons every so often in the mail, and I've gotten a few of those lately.

  8. I love this color! and wow, that's so cheap! you don't wanna know the price of OPI bottles over here!


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