Monday, December 20, 2010

American Apparel - Cameo Blue

**I had to file my nails down again. The corner of my middle fingernail broke (you can actually see it in the last two posts) and I wasn't liking the way it looked, so they're all shorter.)
COATS: 1 (oh yes!)
TOPCOAT?: On photos without dots: No; On final mani with polka dots: Yes, 1 coat of Beauty Secrets Fast Finish (I'm really liking this topcoat - especially in the large 2.5oz bottle)
SOURCE: American Apparel store in LA
COMMENTS: Gorgeous 1-coat blue. It was difficult to photograph, so these photos aren't the best of the lot, but are the closest I could get  to the real color. Oh, and of course we've got some dots - smaller ones and more spaced out.

UP NEXT: Trying out nail foils.  Do you have any polish requests? See my spreadsheet.


  1. i have really really really been wanting to haul this polish, you make it look so pretty! it looks great on you.

  2. This color looks very pretty on you. I've always wanted to try an AA polish.

  3. Those dots look so crisp and fresh; love it!

  4. I'm waiting to haul all the New AA's. This is a beautiful and it's gorgeous on you. Where did you get your topcoat I'd like to give it a try?

    I have been wanting to try foils just need to order some. Can't wait to see your post on it.

    Let's see some reds on you. I like to see Del Sol heartbreaker. I forgot to order this one. lol!

  5. you have very beautiful nails:)

  6. Love the color! and a one coater! Im deff gonna have to go pick this up

  7. Thanks for your comments!
    @jbrobeck, Miss Blue, and Shadow:I'd recommend this one if you can get your
    hands on it. When I saw it in the bottle, I thought "pretty blue", but when I put it on it was even better! It has a hint of grey in it, and I realized I don't have any other blues in my collection like it, so... Then of course, at one thick coat, how can it not be a keeper?

    @rmcandlelight: The topcoat I've been using most recently is from Sally Beauty Supply. I bought the large 2.5oz bottle. Here is what it looks like: ( They definitely have the small bottle in stores though, if you'd like to try it out.

    I hope you love the AAs as much as I've been liking mine! Can't wait to see some on you!

    Ooh, and I'm so glad you suggested something for me to wear (Del Sol heartbreaker and more reds). Will do. The Del Sol will have to be on a day when I have some sunlight though...

    Have a great day! (Fixed link)

  8. You may have cut them down, but your nails are still gorgeous! I love this blue, I may have to grab it when I go shopping :):)

  9. Your nails look perfect and that blue is just right for a day like today (or week like this week). It's gonna be a wet one. :)

  10. is this one of the new colors? i need to pick this up. so pretty on you!

  11. This colour is absolutely stunning on you! I am so jealous of your nail length!

  12. @Enamel Girl: Yes, Cameo Blue is one of the recently released American Apparel colors.

  13. American Apparel Cameo Blue is gorgeous. And I love the simple polka dots design you did. Looks great!

  14. that is a wonderful blue and it looks gorgeous on you! i think your nails are the most perfect I've ever seen, too :D


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