Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Color Club - She's Sooo Glam

APPLICATION: A little patchy like a pastel - I had to shake it up again before the 2nd coat
COATS: 3 - I had two, then failed at putting on stickers, so had to add a third.
TOPCOAT?: Yes - Beauty Secrets Fast Dry
SOURCE: Ross Dress for Less as part of the Rebel Debutante Pack
COMMENTS: I wanted to wear an unmistakably girly pink - and this one definitely fits that description! Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to put on white polka dots. Ah well... and yes, I know, I didn't have time to moisturize my cuticles and hands after cleanup.



  1. va va voom! you make me miss my long nails. and you're right, VERY girl!

  2. Oh my gosh, you have gorgeous nails!

  3. Where is Ken? If you only had a matching pink poodle, that would be something.

  4. Your nails remind me of pieces of bubblegum. In a good way. LOL This was the first CC polish I got and I wasn't all that impressed with the application. Anyway, this is a perfect girly pink!

  5. This definitely is a girly pink, and I like it =)

    Your cuticles don't look dry on the pictures.

  6. This looks STUNNING against your skin tone!! I'm a sucker for these kinda pinks.

  7. That's a beautiful pink polish! Looks very good on you!


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