Sunday, December 12, 2010

Barielle Shades - Aura Angora

**The Milani glitters (Gold Glitz, Red Dazzle) are amazing! I usually like a change every 2 days, but these still looked so perfect and gorgeous that I didn't want to take them off till I had to.

COATS: 1 (thick)
TOPCOAT?: Yes, 1 coat of Beauty Secrets Fast Finish.
COMMENTS: I've had a crush on Aura Angora one since it first came out. Then, I saw it in person, but had American Apparel - Manila on my fingers at the time, and for some reason felt the colors were close enough that I didn't need both. A kind person on MakeupAlley informed me that they are not the same though, so I finally got Aura Angora. I love it! It makes me think of honey and caramel and  mustard all at the same time. So lovely!


  1. Your nails look spectacular! ♥ the shade. Have you picked up Elle's Spell, yet? This will be my next mani and my 1st Barielle shade, ever... :)

  2. So pretty on you and glad that I own it :)

  3. Love that mustardy color! Check out my blog at

  4. Yep, one great polish. But mustard is da bomb. Whatever that means - I hope it means 'good'.

  5. Wow, this looks about 4000 times better on you than it did on me. :)

  6. Thanks for the comments!
    @AllThingsNails - I don't think I'll be picking up Elle's Spell because I just got an Nfu Oh flakie that I think might be similar.

    @jaljen - Lol! Yes, something being 'da bomb' means it's good. Thanks!

    @KarenD - I'm sorry - it's all about the skin tone that's next to the color... I've got some colors that don't look so hot on me, but I wear them anyway!

  7. I got his polish from a blogsale and I really love it, but it looks wayyy better with your skintone.

  8. I love it no matter what some people think it is poopy, looks absolutely stunning on you!!!!!!


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