Thursday, December 16, 2010

China Glaze - Emerald Sparkle... aka Mani Fail!

COATS: 2 of Emerald Sparkle, 1 of Nyx - Peach Ave, 1 of NDB - Tree Foil
SOURCE: Sally Beauty Supply and downtown LA nail supply stores
COMMENTS: I had another green mani planned but not enough time, so I settled for this polish but found it unnatractive (too dark and not sparkly enough) when I had it on. So what do I do? Try to salvage it with some layering and ended up with this hot mess. This might look good on someone else, but I took the photos and removed it immediately (so much for saving time, eh?) Sigh...

UP NEXT: OPI - Jade is the New Black


  1. It might not be what you wanted, but it does look pretty, sparkly and vampy on you!

  2. *clutches pears*
    Emerald Sparkle wasn't sparkly enough?! Did you go out into the sun? Maybe you got an effed up bottle...I know there are like two versions running around and one is not so sparkly.

    In any case, I do like this. It looks like an evergreen tree and a clown had a baby, and then the baby had a party and ate some confetti and then threw it up on your hands. That doesn't sound so nice, but I promise, it's totally awesome. ^_^

  3. @ChaosButterfly: Alas, I was quite disappointed that it didn't turn out as stunning as I'd envisioned. I plan to try it in a mani with Zoya Ivanka sometime though. LOL at your description. I hope you do some creative writing in your free time - you have some awesome descriptions!

  4. I still think it looks nice. Sort of like green marble.
    I do love emerald sparkle on it's own. But to each their own right ;)

  5. I like it and think it looks nice on you :)

    Chaosbutterly is making me ROFL!!! LOL!!

  6. I love dark greens, but yeah, I think it needs to be flat when it's this dark, or else over the top sparkles. :) It's awesome that you post your fails. I need to start taking pics of my fails. I have so many!

  7. It's still very deep and pretty! :)

  8. I'm glad you showed it to us anyway, since I see potential here.

    I tagged you with an award. :)

  9. I like it but if you don't that is all that matters. I have this polish and haven't tried it. Maybe it will be my next mani so I can see what the sparkle factor is in my bottle.

  10. i'm not found of green, but on you skin its quite good,really nice


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