Thursday, December 23, 2010

Festive mani for holiday party at work.

COATS: 2 coats INM Northern Lights silver holo topcoat
TOPCOAT?: Yes, 1 of Beauty Secrets Fast Finish
SOURCE: Victoria Nail Supply
COMMENTS: I wasn't planning to do any holiday-themed manicures (there are more than enough of them out in nail blogland now), but a co-worker asked me to do one. I had planned to use more color, but a headache that night said 'No', so I had to keep it simple. I simply stamped snowflakes over my base coat, threw in some rhinesones, slapped on Northern Lights, sealed with topcoat and called it  a night.

UP NEXT: I was going to do something red, but I'm a little tired of seeing red and green, so maybe something else... maybe another nail foil - who knows?


  1. so cute! i'm sorta tired of Christmas mani's too.

  2. Cute mani...yeah do another foil mani :)

  3. This is really pretty. Sometimes less is more :)

  4. I agree with rmcandlelight! More foils! I just started playing around with them and I would like to see more! :)

  5. Very nice! I said the same thing today about the reds, golds and greens. So I went for purple and white instead.
    Merry Christmas!

  6. That mani is absolutely beautiful! :)

  7. Love the rhinestones!

    Happy Holidays!

  8. Olá, tudo joia?!
    Está lindo seu blog, já estou te seguindo...
    Segue o meu tbm, eu iria adorar!!!
    Bjos e boas festas!

  9. Awesome design. Simple and elegant - very classy.


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