Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nail Foils - update

COMMENTS: I realized it would probably be helpful to show how my nail foils are holding up. I applied them on Sunday afternoon and took these photos this morning (Tuesday).  I did throw on another layer of topcoat on Sunday evening. Last night, I spent about an hour washing up dishes, pots and pans from all my cooking over the weekend, and I don't use gloves to wash. Here is what they look like now:

My right hand - which takes the most abuse - mostly tipwear on my index nail.

My left hand - again some tipwear on the index, but not as much as on the right.

Still looks pretty nice, and I've gotten quite a few compliments (though it's hard to explain to people that it's not nail polish...). I'll probably take it off tonight though - I've got that itch to see something different on my nails


  1. thanks! can i know where u get them? :D itching for some foils myself, hoping they ship international!
    cow_jamie@yahoo.com.sg if u need my email!

  2. @Jamie:
    I got my foils from http://dollarnailart.com. This is the only place I've ordered, and I'm not sure if they ship internationally.

    There are foils also available from http://foilsonline.com/ which I believe is based in the UK.

    There may be other sources out there, including some nail/beauty
    supply stores, but these are the only two I know of for sure.

  3. They're beautiful!!
    Yes I know how it's hard to explain that and after people look at you as if you were crazy to put paper on your nails!!

  4. I love the look of this!! I just might have to check out that site!

  5. Thanks for the UK link ABOP, the foils are really nice on you.

  6. Impressive, it held up pretty good from what you put them through. Lol! :D

  7. I always wanted to try some foils myself. Did you paint your nails with a black polish first?

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  8. @Beauty Addict:
    I painted my nails with a OPI -
    Glitzerland, a cool-toned gold polish first. I could have used black
    as well though.


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