Monday, December 27, 2010

Nail Foils - Roman Marble

APPLICATION: Better than the last time, though I put the glue on all my nails at once instead of doing one hand at a time - oops!
TOPCOAT?: See below
COMMENTS: With OPI - Glitzerland as a base, this foil is soooo shiny! I mistakingly ended up with more black sections of the foil strip on my left hand, so I'm showing photos of both hands (note that I didn't do any cleanup - washing my hands throughout the day usually takes care of any mess left on my skin). I took Enamel Girl's advice about using a very thin coat of topcoat with as few strokes as possible, and it looks like it worked! Still some wrinkling, of course, but that's not noticeable from afar.

BEFORE topcoat:

AFTER topcoat:

UP NEXT: A new red holo!


  1. Thats pretty cool, how long will it last? and what kind of glue did you use?

  2. Oh Wow! its gorgeous!! I have to get this one :)

    I see you cut your nails down again.

  3. Pretty cool. I need to buy some foils of my own, your nail foil posts have really inspired me!

  4. @Ivonne:
    There is a special glue used for the foils that is still sticky/tacky when it dries. I got mine free with my order because I purchased over a certain number of foils. The glue is also available separately for purchase.
    These last as long as nail polish on me (about three days with just tip wear). I did go over it with a thicker layer of topcoat after the initial thin coat dried.

  5. Oooooooooooooo, Aaaaaaahhhhhh! :) So pretty!

  6. Thats Pretty! :) Looks like a great mani for New Years!

  7. Thank you for this post!

  8. Ugh! I blame you for my very, very recent order at! Naughty! But I can't wait to play with new toys.

  9. Omg, so pretty! I have that one, how did you apply it so prettily?
    Everytime I apply it, it turns out with bald spots and everything D:

  10. @Ivonne:
    They come off with regular polish remover. And no, I don't mind questions at all! :)

    I'm sorry! I blame Enamel Girl - I went and ordered after seeing her use them.

    I definitely tried to match the base color as well as I could (a black base would have worked too). The one thing I do differently is I apply the glue like I would polish instead of in a very thin layer. When I used a thin layer the foils didn't adhere well for me. It's still definitely not perfect, and I'm yet to conquer one of the really linear metallic ones, but I'm ready to give one a try!

  11. @rmcandlelight:
    I cut my nails just before my American Apparel - Cameo Blue mani. I think they just look shorter between this and my last mani because of the print on the foils.

  12. this turned out great! you make me miss my long nails *sniff*


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