Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nail Foils - Testing Topcoats

COMMENTS: I know from visiting some blogs that figuring out which topcoat to use over foils can be complicated, because they get all wrinkled/crackled if the wrong one is chosen. I decided to test out a bunch of my clear and topcoat polishes to see if I could find one that wouldn't destroy the foil. I still haven't found any. These looked so pretty before the topcoat! However, I didn't get any before photos. Here's what the polish did to the foil - I actually used a different one over each nail.

UP NEXT: A half decent foil mani...


  1. Ouch. :(
    But it still looks pretty cool. It reminds me of a glaze that they're formulating in the ceramics studio at school. It's not done yet, but all the tests that they do come out just like this. Crackles and bumps and all. :D

  2. I've never used foil but does it need a topcoat?

  3. i think it still looks fine even if its 'destroyed' ..

  4. I was looking at annasbeautysecrets from youtube she said it does wrinkle but after drying the wrinkles clear up.

    Blogger Tartofraises NailArt Ongles Naturels said the best topcoat that worked for her was LA girls topcoat get it from cherry culture. Here's the link

    I hope this helps. I plan on buying some foils to try :)

  5. Too bad they're wrinkled because they look cool! I hope you find something that works.

  6. Thanks for the comments! Remember this was just a test for topcoats, so I didn't put any base color down.

    @KrisInPhilly: Yup, it needs topcoat if it's going to last longer than a few hours...

    @rmcandlelight : I did notice that Tartofraises mentioned the LA girls topcoat, and I was hoping to find one in my collection that would work. Looks like I might need to get the one she recommended after all! Enamel Girl said to make sure I put it on in a very thin coat as well, so I'll try that next time.

  7. What a genius idea! I have some lovely foils that I don't wear because of the top coat issue. I hope you keep looking and find a good one.

  8. Talk to Enamel Girl, she's the foil queen. I've yet to venture that way yet. I see them, I pick them up and put them down; it sound's like fun adventure, though. :)

  9. I hope you find one that works - I've been looking too! Keep us posted! :)


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