Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Best Nail Treatments - Game Day and Kleancolor Holo Green

COATS: 2 of Game Day, 1 of Holo Green
TOPCOAT?: Yes, after the Kleancolor
SOURCE: Nail supply stores in Los Angeles.
COMMENTS: I noticed a full rack of these Best Nail Treatments in one of my favorite nail stores and noticed that they are made by Poshé - who also make a popular quick drying topcoat. This color appealed to me, so I picked it and two shimmer topcoats up. The holo green has been waiting to be worn, and this was the perfect color to layer it over.

Game Day dries to a satin finish:

Sunlight - the next day:


  1. Wow the finished look with the holo glitter is just amazing!

  2. Amazing!! It turned out BEAUTIFUL! And your nails are dreamy!! *sigh*

  3. I have holo pink and they are gorgeous!!

  4. I like them both! That gameday is really pretty and holo's are always nice :-)

  5. I like the "edge" that the Kleancolor Holo gives the polish!

  6. omg! omg! U have so many nice polishes! And this green looks awesome! The satin finish is gorgeous!

  7. Those colors look brilliant on you!

  8. I definitely love this combo!!! Green's my favorite color!


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