Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maybelline Revitalizing Color - Caribbean Sunset

COATS: 1 and 2 shown in photos
TOPCOAT?: Only after nail art
SOURCE: Dollar Tree
COMMENTS: I've been trying to get back into using my older nail polish, and wanted something that was simple and wouldn't be too distracting in church. I purchased this as part of a two-pack, and the other item was a strengthener with calcium - which I decided to use as a base coat. The formula was surprisingly amazing on this. I expected it to be watery like some of the older polish I have. The color... maybe it's because I don't wear colors like this too often, but it's gorgeous and refreshing!
I wore one coat to church, then added another afterwards and stamped a pattern from my Magnonails XL B plate. Finished up by outlining the pattern with tiny dots using the same nail art pen I used in my last post.

(Photos taken with phone, so not as clear)

One coat:

Two coats - so shiny!


  1. What a pretty pink! I love the stamping & dots. :)

  2. wow...1 word Ammmazzzing! i love this! i love the combo and I esp love the stamping!

    /Hugs x

  3. This manicure is pretty! :D I love that every nail is a little bit different but all together the still match.

  4. Like it 100% again my plates are collecting dust, how sad of me :-|

  5. I like this so much! Great colors!

  6. Gorgeous base color. I love the dinamic stamping

  7. cute nails! i love the design you chose to go with them! :)

    i love your blog, by the way! you and i both are nail polish addicts!

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  8. That color IS gorgeous! reminds me of strawberry lipgloss for some reason! Beautiful...but still too distracting lol

  9. Revitalizing Color?! I thought I'd seen all the Maybelline lines there were to see, but I've never laid eyes on one of these--so interesting!

  10. it's lovely!!! love pink polishes!
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