Saturday, September 17, 2011

Simply Sweet - jelly and glitter

COATS: 2 of jelly, 2 of glitter on its own. 1 of glitter over jelly.
TOPCOAT?: See below
SOURCE: TJ Maxx - each came in a separate set of 6
COMMENTS: Not much to say here - I felt like wearing a jelly-ish nail polish so grabbed one of these Simply Sweet ones since I have lots of them. I also grabbed a glitter that had a base that looked somewhat similar.
The base color of the glitter is barely visible on the nail, so I just used that as an accent and layered it over the color on the rest of my nails. This was a fun sparkly mani.

Two coats of each:

Glitter on all now:

After topcoat:

In sunlight the next day:


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