Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Golden Rose - Corals - sort of

I'm going to have to swatch these again sometime - most of the photos don't reflect the true color!

APPLICATION: Smooth on all
TOPCOAT?: After stamping
SOURCE: Order from
COMMENTS: So, the colors on these turned out totally off (everything looks like orange!) on the camera under my OTT light. I decided to share them anyway, but please keep this in mind. The only photos that are color accurate are the ones taken in daylight by my phone, sorry. Anyway, here they are.

One coat of each - Thumb to pinky:
Paris - 94, Protein - 326, Protein - 245, Paris - 95, Paris - 87

Two coats:

The color on the thumb has more pink in it than the other colors.

(Messily) Stamped with Golden Rose with Protein - 261 and a pattern from Magnonails XL plate B

Below are photos taken in sunlight:

Yah, I'll have to do a quick swatch of these in daylight... ah well...


  1. You polished your nails so professional. And this is coming from a cert nail tech. Very nice design! ;)

  2. wow! those are all looks pretty the same :) But all the stamping designs are amazing!!

  3. All of those look very similar! I totally luv the stamping :-)

  4. I just used this stamp the other day! I love it!

  5. If you hadn't have shown the bottles, I would think they are all the same polish. Looks great!

  6. wow they look the same! :) lovely combination.. like it! <3

  7. They are all beautiful! LOVE the pink stamp on top!


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