Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ulta - Limelight

SOURCE: Ulta store - these are currently on sale 2 for $4 online by the way!
COMMENTS: Oh.My.Goodness. I looove this green. I used Limelight in my floral mani from last week, but knew I wanted to revisit it. The plan for tonight was to put it on, add some tiny black dots with a new nail art pen, and then mattify it. After two coats I just couldn't bring myself to put anything over it! It reminds me of crisp green apples, but my husband said it makes him think of avocado. Works for me! 
I haven't checked, but I have a hunch this might be similar to Nina Ultra Pro - Leaf me Alone, which is what I have on in my profile photo.

UP NEXT: Maybe I'll get round to dotting and mattifying it? Not making any promises!


  1. This color reminds me of candy apple..yummy! Yes do dotting..love to see!

  2. Your nails are absolutely perfect in these photos and the colour suits you so well! x

  3. great color, and the polish looks so smooth. I agree with your husband about the avocado resemblance.

  4. Even though I'm sure it looks great with some art as well, it looks really clean and fresh like this :)

  5. i picked this one up cause i pretty much grab all greens and once i wore it i kept coming back to it to wear it again

  6. This was the first Ulta polish I ever bought! I loved it as well, but it looks better on you!

  7. I love the color!
    And I like your nails as they are at the moment, shorter, but not short.

  8. Oh that's lovely. I wonoder if this would satisfy my need for Nina Ultra Pro Salsa?

  9. Wait, 2 for $4?

    *must be strong, do not buy, must be strong*

    That's a great color. Looks good on you.

  10. @jaybird: Salsa is darker than this, so no, not quite. However, I do like Leaf Me Alone more than Salsa, so... I posted on Salsa HERE

    @BMR: That's right! I just ordered the rest of the cremes I'm interested in. Shipping was 5.95. I'm sure this color would be flattering on you too. But... if you have something similar, then hold on to your cash!

  11. Oh I wish I had an Ulta by me! This is a lovely green.


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