Sunday, March 13, 2011

Golden Rose comparisons and Nail Wheel

Gilded Nails asked after my last post if I could mention dupes for Golden Rose with Protein - 268 and 269. I searched my stash and came up with a few, but I don't know that they're any easier to find, sorry!

For 268, from top to bottom on the left:
Color Club - Oh Naturale
Claires - Dreamsicle

These both have a little too much yellow to be convincing dupes, though...

For 269, from top to bottom on the right:
Golden Rose With Protein - 326
Sation - Racy Melon
Loreal - Mango-Get-Em
These three are very close, with the Sation being almost an exact dupe.

I swatched the mini Golden Rose Holos from this post on a nail wheel. I also added to that my more recently purchased Golden Rose polishes. The corresponding numbers are in the center of the wheel. The two that start with 'P' are from the Paris line. The ones that start with 'H' are the holographic minis. The rest are from the Golden Rose with  Protein line. Click photos for a better view.

Note that these are all  photos of one wheel - I simply rotated it in each picture.
Artificial light:



  1. Those are awesome nail wheel shots! Do you use a lightbox? I have lots of nail wheels, but can never get the pics to come out good.

  2. @jbrobeck: I actually don't have a light box! I just took the indoor shots on a piece of white paper under my OTT lamp. The sunlight shots are taken on the floor next to patio door...


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