Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Avon Speed Dry + - Mambo Melon

SOURCE: Avon online store (www.avon.com) for $3
COMMENTS: I wanted to try a tape mani and needed a quick drying base color. I pulled this out because I hoped it would perform like this other speed dry, but alas, just as the color wasn't what I had hoped for (it has shimmer, but I wanted creme), this one didn't dry quickly enough. In my impatience I decided to try some nail art. Nah, didn't like that either. This mani came off before I wasted time adding the white to my right hand or cleaning up. Mani fail!


  1. Oh I want to use that on my toes! It's so happy looking. I think it looked pretty on you.

  2. I liked the color on you but I can see why it might not have been what you were looking for. I think if it were creme like you were hoping then it would have been more desirable. I loved the purple polish in the next (more recent) post way better though.

    Oh, after looking through your blog quite extensively I must say you have a "dotting" talent! I can never get my dots to look that good. =/ Like for instance when I'm trying to alternate sizes... I guess I just need some more practice.


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