Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sinful Colors - Nail Junkie (and my first vid!)

APPLICATION: Thick but controllable.
COATS: 1 over I coat of Diamond Cosmetics - Don't Teal My Heart Away
SOURCE: Walgreens
COMMENTS: You didn't think that after my last few manicures I'd wear the teal color alone, did you? This was what I had in mind, and it's blinging gorgeous. Make sure to click on the picture taken in the shade to enlarge and see the goodies in this.
I created a short video to show the sparklies too (see end of post).

The video:


  1. I love the layers and I looooved the video!

  2. This is gorgeouss!! I think Nail Junkie is one of those glitters that look best over lighter colors.

  3. Oh my God, thats gorgeous!
    My wishlist is getting bigger and bigger everytime I look at your blog! xD

  4. That sparkle is PERFECT over top DTMHA!!

  5. Muauaha, I'm back.
    To tell you that I tagged your gorgeous blog with an award!
    Come pick it up at!

  6. Nail junkie is one of my all time favorite.

  7. Wow! This looks great! Ur video really shows the shine and all.. Great!.
    Just stumbled upon ur site. m ur new follower:-D
    Hope to see more great stuff frm u!

  8. I love love LOVE sinful colors! Ugh I need to get that color now to add to my collection lol :)

  9. I love it! You're nails looks stunning! <3


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