Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jordana - Rich Green, Boy oh Boy, and Silky Purple

COATS: 1 of each as base, 1 of each  for overlay
TOPCOAT?: Pics of base only: No; At end of mani: Yes.
SOURCE: Beauty supply store in downtown Los Angeles
COMMENTS: When I saw these colors in the store, I had to have all three. Likewise, I felt I couldn't  wear just one as my eyes prefer the combination of the three. I couldn't get Boy oh Boy to show accurate color, so for reference I took a photo at the end of two other bottles with similar colors.

One coat of each, no topcoat:

Left hand with overlay, white striper, and topped with China Glaze - Fairy Dust

Right hand - just freehanded tips (bc left hand took too long!). Also topped with Fairy Dust:

And from left to right, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - The Real Teal, Jordana - Boy Oh Boy, China Glaze - Custom Kicks. These have similar base colors but Boy Oh Boy is a creme.


  1. Wow they were all opaque in one coat? I agree all three together look best!

  2. So cute!! Question about ChG Fairy Dust: Is yours thicker than your average polish?

  3. Too cute, they remind me of Easter eggs.

  4. @Freshie: The teal and purple definitely are. The green is probably best at two coats. I just put it on a little thicker here.

    @Megan: Yes it is - kinda gel-like. I hated it at first, but now I understand that it's that way to suspend the sparklies since they're not that dense.

  5. Love all the variety in this mani--looks great!

  6. Very pretty - I especially love the stripes!

  7. Too cute, my favorite is the one with just the tips done with the pretty!

  8. I love the way you played with the colours:-)
    really gorgeous! :-)

  9. oh!! i love this!! and the funky french u did on ur right hand rocks!! :D

  10. omg!
    i absolutely love it!!!!!!
    i'm a new follower,

  11. love the colors!
    your nails are gorgeous
    pass by my blog if you have time!

  12. OMG, such pretty colors.
    Fairy dust looks awesome!

  13. I love the combination of those three colors together! I bought Boy oh Boy today and I LOVE the color.


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