Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nina Ultra Pro - Bossa Nova

APPLICATION: A little thick, but otherwise smooth.
TOPCOAT?: No (this glorious color dried quickly!)
SOURCE: Sally Beauty Supply
COMMENTS: Que Rico! I was playing in my Orly/FingerPaints/Nina Ultra Pro/OPI/Cover Girl drawer and planned to wear a combination of two greens from Finger Paints. However, this color caught my eye, and I just had to put it on next. Such a rich color, and almost a one-coater. I love the name too! Outdoor pics follow (see, it's that special).

UP NEXT: Avon - Urban Grey


  1. AHHH!
    THIS is TOTALLY going on my want list!
    That is, like, the perfect blue EVER~!!!

  2. This is a great blue. It reminds me of Orly Blue Collar.

  3. i *just* picked this up @ sallys, you make me super excited to try it!


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