Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Avon - Urban Grey

APPLICATION: Streaky first coat, otherwise smooth.
COATS: 3 - disappointing! I was spoiled by the rich opaque color of the others, so this one surprised me.
COMMENTS: A pretty, delicate light grey, I love this color, but didn't like having to put three coats on. I ended up with bubbles because I shook the bottle in between (was wondering if that was why it wasn't opaque enough). This would be a great as a base for nail art.

In the evening I topped it with some of the polish I use as a base for glitter frankens to add some sparkle. Nice shimmer.

UP NEXT: Avon - Luxe Lavender


  1. Way better with the shimmer finish. Every creme should have an extra something.

  2. I actually really like the colour, I don't think it would suit my skintone though :-(

  3. Really pretty grey, I agree with Lucy, it wouldn't look good on my skin tone.
    The shimmer is gorgeous though!

  4. Very pretty. Maybe a little thinner would make that polish more pleasant to use?

    Thanks for swatching this. :D

  5. I love the color. Too bad you got bubbles :(

  6. Such a pretty pale grey and ♥ the pool backdrop! Weird I don't see lavender AT ALL...


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